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Restaurant Acoustics. How to Reduce Noise in Your Restaurant?

Have you ever walked into a restaurant only to find that it was so noisy you could barely enjoy your time? We have. And we know firsthand how damaging too much noise in a restaurant can be. For this reason, in today’s blog post, we share our top tips on how to improve acoustics in a restaurant. From established restaurant design and fit-out contractors in London, you can learn about best practices on how to reduce or control noise in your restaurant.

Common Restaurant Design Mistakes That Hurt Your Business (+ How to Avoid Them)

Creating the ultimate dining experience for patrons takes more than offering excellent food and service. Most people who visit a restaurant do so because of the experience. As a result, creating a pleasant atmosphere and an engaging design is pivotal to success. Since there are numerous aspects to consider when creating the interior design of a restaurant, it is easy to make a mistake that will ruin the experience.

Colour Psychology in Restaurant Design

The colours used in a restaurant have a profound impact on how diners perceive the space. Different colours provoke different emotions and influence diners’ decisions. Restaurant colours influence how people feel inside, as well as how much they are willing to spend. They can affect diners’ meal choices as well as the length of their stay.