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interior branding through logo and colour design in a restaurant

Your success as a retailer does not only depend on your products, services and hard work. Your brand identity and the way you communicate your values and brand to your customers is also critical. In other words, the way you present yourself and your brand ethos to customers can make or break a deal. Interior branding, also known as branding through interior design is a tool that allows you to reinforce your brand identity and communicate your values through the design of your physical space. Using appropriate design techniques interior branding helps connect your brand with your customers and show them what business is about.

In today’s blog post, we talk about just that. We explain what interior branding is and teach you how to use it to its best effect. Learn the basics of interior branding and build a strong brand presence through design.

What is interior branding and why is it important?

Having great products and offering high-quality services is no longer enough to distinguish yourself from the competition. While they might help you retain existing customers, they are of little help if you want to expand your customer base. To do that, your marketing efforts and a strong branding strategy are critical. Interior branding is a vital part of this. But what is interior branding, and how can you use it to your advantage?

Simply put, interior branding is a tool that allows you to communicate your brand identity and values through interior design. Undoubtedly, the interior design of your commercial space plays a key role in bonding with customers. An outdated, worn-looking environment can turn customers away and harm your brand image.

Using appropriate interior branding strategies, you can create a consistent interior design that reinforces your brand culture and values. It allows you to create designs that prompt a strong emotional response and shows customers what your brand and business is about. Above all, interior branding adds value to your brand and gives you a competitive edge.

What are the key elements of interior branding?

If you want to create a strong brand presence, bring in new customers and connect with them through design, interior branding is critical. But what should you focus on when creating branded interiors? And what are the key elements you need to consider? We explain.

Syle and theme

The style and theme of your commercial space are a crucial part of any branding strategy. The style and theme of your space form the foundation of your interior design. As such, it is critical to ensure that they align with and reflect your brand identity, personality and values.

But what does this mean in practice? It simply means choosing materials, styles and design concepts that reflect your brand identity and values. For example, if you sell organic products, try to opt for more natural materials and biophilic designs.


Colours can affect people on a subconscious level. Different colours prompt different emotional responses and form a vital part of any design and branding strategy. Understanding colour psychology and aligning your brand colours with your identity, mission and values is therefore critical for success.


Besides colour and style, material choice is also a critical part of interior branding. Like colours, different materials promote different emotional responses and play a key role in creating a cohesive brand identity and presence.

Making sure that the materials in your commercial space reflect your brand identity and values is important. Thus, if you promote healthy living, try opting for more natural materials, wooden tones and lots of greenery.

Signage & Logo

Interior signage is an essential part of interior branding. Wall graphics, digital wallpapers, mission statements and signage, are a great way of incorporating your brand identity into the interior design. They will help enforce your brand identity while also adding great value to your design.

Acoustics and Scent

Although often neglected, the acoustics and scent of your commercial space are a vital part of creating a strong brand presence. Both acoustics and scient influence people’s feelings and moods. But even more importantly, they both play a role in emotionally connecting your customers to your brand.

Reducing background noise and playing soft music that matches your brand identity and personality is vital for success. Similarly, using unique scents helps remind people of your brand and establish a strong connection with them.


Few design elements have a bigger impact on how customers perceive a commercial space than lighting. Besides highlighting your products and services, lighting is also vital in creating a unique ambience and putting customers in the right mood. As a result, lighting design should be an integral part of your branding efforts.

Depending on your brand identity and values, you can opt for different types of light sources and fixtures to emotionally connect customers to your space. Warm light tones are perfect for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere, while cooler, brighter light is perfect for making people feel more energised and upbeat.

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