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Choose the right pharmacy shopfitting company

In our previous posts, we discussed several aspects you should consider before refitting your pharmacy. But what should you do once you have made up your mind? How should you choose a shopfitting company to refit your pharmacy? And what steps should you follow to ensure the process goes smoothly? Today, we will answer all of your questions. Read the last part of our series to find out how you can maximise the chances for success.

In our series on the blog, we are discussing everything there is to know about a pharmacy refit. We are walking you through the entire process. From the very beginning all the way to the grand opening, we share all our insider knowledge with you. From telling signs to benefits and key questions to ask yourself, we talked about many things. And if you ended up here, it might be because you feel ready to invest in a refit. So in this last part of our series we give you our final tips to ensure you successfully finish refitting your pharmacy.

Select the shopfitting company carefully

Once you have decided to invest in a refit, you will have to think about who you will want to work with. Choosing the right shopfitting company is essential for the success of your pharmacy refit.

Several companies are offering pharmacy shopfitting services nowadays. If you want to choose the best team to work with, you will have to do some research. Look up all companies offering pharmacy shopfitting services near you. Take a look at their websites, check their portfolio and try to form an idea of who they are and how they work.

But do not stop just there. Get in touch with several shopfitting contractors. Many of them will offer a free consultation, so make sure to benefit from it. Discuss what they offer and for how much. Ask them about the range of their services and what they would recommend for you to do.

Take your time at this stage. Consider each offer carefully. Try to find a company that offers exactly what you are looking for. Make sure that their offer aligns with your vision, your brand as well as with your budget.

Several things might influence which shopfitting company you will end up working with. But no matter which one you pick, try to choose the one you could work with efficiently.

Collaborate closely with the pharmacy shopfitting company

Establishing a close working collaboration with the pharmacy shopfitting company of your choice is vital for success. Throughout the refit process, you will have to work with them closely to ensure you end up with the pharmacy you envisioned.

Experienced shopfitters will know how to take your business to the next level. They can assess the current state of your pharmacy and give you helpful tips on how you could improve your business. And while pharmacy shopfitters know how to create stunning designs combined with efficient layouts, they will need your input as well.

There is no one who knows your business more than you do. Therefore, you should try to get involved at each stage. Make sure you discuss your vision, ideas and concerns with the pharmacy shopfitters. And while you should trust the pharmacy shopfitting company you choose, you should not trust them blindly. Consider what they say and discuss what you think as well.

Inform your customers and clients

While the refit plans might take up a lot of your time, you should not forget about your clients either. Your customers will count on you and your business, so make sure you inform them about the refit and what they can expect.

First of all, you will have to decide whether you will want to close the pharmacy while it is being refitted. If you do, you should let your customers know about it in advance. Put up posters in the pharmacy, inform them on social media and in-person alike. Tell them you are preparing something new for them. This will ease the frustration they might have while seeing your pharmacy close. And it will increase the chances of seeing them again once you reopen.

Alternatively, you might decide to stay open during the refit. In this case, as well, you will have to focus on your clients’ comfort. If you will be working with an alternative schedule, let your customers know about it in advance. Also, be prepared to set up a second dispensary, since shopfitters often start working on the dispensary first. Rearrange your premises accordingly and make sure that you are able to serve your customers well.

Run your stock down and declutter before the pharmacy shopfitting company arrives

It usually takes between two to four weeks for a shopfitting company to refit a pharmacy. While the pharmacy shopfitting company will usually know how to make the best use of their time, you should also help them stick to the schedule. One of the best things you can do is to give them as much space as you can.

Pharmacy shopfitters will need space to carry out their job efficiently. Working in a cluttered pharmacy, and constantly being required to move boxes or furniture around will only waste time. This is why a pharmacy refit is a perfect time to declutter your space.

Get rid of everything you will no longer need in your new pharmacy. In the weeks leading up to the refit, make sure to run your stock down as well. If you ware staying open during the refit, make sure you keep stock that is necessary for the daily operations. This will not only speed up the shopfitting process, but it will also allow you to give your pharmacy a fresh start.

Prepare for the grand reopening in time

It might be tempting to postpone thinking about reopening time until the pharmacy shopfitting company finishes the refit. But if you want to give yourself a head start, you should start preparing for it well in advance.

The day of the reopening will come sooner than you think. And once shopfitters finish refitting your pharmacy, you will have to bring it to a fully functioning state as quickly as possible. It is worth spending a day to restock and re-merchandise your pharmacy. Once you know the end date of your refit, order stock – as much as possible – to arrive on this day.

Remember that your staff will also need to get familiarised with the new design and layout. Get them involved in the process and give them time to get accustomed to the new system. Talk to them often, and make sure to discuss everything with them as well.

And most importantly, prepare your customers for the reopening as well. Build some excitement, but make sure to let them know when they will be able to step inside your new pharmacy. Prepare a few surprises and commemorate the day of your reopening well.

Feeling ready for a pharmacy refit?

This is the end of our series on pharmacy refit. In our four-part series, we have tried to give our best tips to help you better prepare for a pharmacy refit. We hope that you found our ideas helpful, but feel free to reach out to us if you think we can help. We are always happy to hear from you.

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