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7 Shopfitting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Your success as a retailer does not depend solely on the quality of your products and services. The design of your space, the environment and your brand image are also vital. Many retailers fall into the trap of investing in a costly refit and never really see its benefits. To avoid ending up in that situation, today we discuss some of the most common shopfitting mistakes and explain how you can avoid them.

Sustainable Interior Design and Shopfitting. How To Design Sustainable Spaces?

In recent years, sustainable interior design has become one of the fastest-growing industry trends in interior design and shopfitting. As more and more people become aware of the importance of being environmentally responsible, businesses have no choice but to follow suit. But what is sustainable interior design? And what can you do to make your business more environmentally-friendly in terms of design? Here’s our guide.

How to reduce the cost of a fit-out? Budget-saving tips

Fitting out or refitting an existing outlet can quickly become expensive. Be it a small renovation or a complete fit-out, costs can quickly rise and exceed the allocated budget. And while it is difficult to say how much the fit-out will cost, there are always a few things you can do to save a few bucks. So, if you want to know how you can reduce the cost of a fit-out project, here’s our guide for you. We share our best tips on how to reduce the cost of an interior fit-out and complete a shopfitting project on a budget.

Design of a small pharmacy. Small retail pharmacy design ideas and solutions

Space and storage have become two of the most common problems modern pharmacies face. Many pharmacies today struggle to find efficient ways to operate in small retail spaces. To solve these problems, clever pharmacy design and layout are indispensable. Today we share our top tips on how to create an efficient small retail pharmacy design that is both functional and aesthetic.

Ready for a refit? Part IV: Choose the right pharmacy shopfitting company

In our previous posts, we discussed several aspects you should consider before refitting your pharmacy. But what should you do once you have made up your mind? How should you choose a shopfitting company to refit your pharmacy? And what steps should you follow to ensure the process goes smoothly? Today, we will answer all of your questions. Read the last part of our series to find out how you can maximise the chances for success.

Shelving design for efficient shopfitting.

The process of shopfitting includes a wide range of elements. But nothing will be more important and have a higher impact on the overall ambience of your shop than the shelving design you opt for. Choosing the right combination of shelving systems forms an essential part of an efficient merchandising strategy and it directly influences the success rate of your business. No matter if you are running a pharmacy, retail store or an artisan shop, you have to be careful when it comes to selecting the appropriate shelving design.