Ready for a refit? Part IV: Choose the right pharmacy shopfitting company

In our previous posts, we discussed several aspects you should consider before refitting your pharmacy. But what should you do once you have made up your mind? How should you choose a shopfitting company to refit your pharmacy? And what steps should you follow to ensure the process goes smoothly? Today, we will answer all of your questions. Read the last part of our series to find out how you can maximise the chances for success.

Ready for a pharmacy refit? Part III: Pharmacy fit out – 7 Questions to ask yourself before you invest

A new pharmacy fit out can be an investment. If you want to ensure that it will be successful, you need to carefully plan and prepare for it. But where should you start? And what aspects are worth considering? In our third part of our series on pharmacy refit, we collected seven questions you should ask yourself before you invest in a new pharmacy fit out. Take a look at them and start your pharmacy fit out with confidence.

Ready for a pharmacy refit ? Part I: Is it time for a pharmacy refit ? Telling signs

In our new series on our blog, we will talk about everything there is to know about the pharmacy refit process. We are guiding you through the whole process, from the very beginning till the end. This is our first post in our series. Today we will be talking about signs that show it might be worth investing in a pharmacy refit. If you do not know what these signs might be, read our post to find out.

Shelving design for efficient shopfitting.

The process of shopfitting includes a wide range of elements. But nothing will be more important and have a higher impact on the overall ambience of your shop than the shelving design you opt for. Choosing the right combination of shelving systems forms an essential part of an efficient merchandising strategy and it directly influences the success rate of your business. No matter if you are running a pharmacy, retail store or an artisan shop, you have to be careful when it comes to selecting the appropriate shelving design.