Are you in the market for a new sign for your company? If you are looking to change your brand or logo so you can attract new clients, then we can help you at Contrast Interiors. When you need to let people know where your business is located, investing in a high quality designed sign is a great way to go. A high quality sign will attract people to come into your store or establishment so they can see what you have to offer. There are many types of signs that you can choose from and you need a specialist on your side to design a sign that’ll be eye-catching, attractive, and will draw in more customers than what you’re currently seeing.

Types of Signage Designs to Choose From

6 steps away to refurbishmentAre you overwhelmed with the many types of sign designs you can choose from to advertise your pharmacy or any business you have? Do you want your company to stand out from your competition, but you don’t know the best way to do it? Then you need to talk to one of our sign design experts to figure out what your needs are and which type of sign would best suit your company’s needs. There are many designs and Shop signage materials you can choose from, and we’ll help you determine which type of sign is best. Several types of signs you can choose from include digital and photographic signs, internal signage, stencil cut signs, illuminated signs, overhead trough lighting, projection signs, vehicle signs, and neon signage.

Brand Your Company

One way to get noticed in your local marketplace or industry is to have a high quality designed sign to promote your brand. People who are looking for what your company has to offer will be on the lookout for a sign that’ll draw them in. Our design experts will create your vision and ideas into an attractive, engaging sign that will stand out from your competition. Your sign can be your company logo, your business name, a combination of the two, or anything else that will connect your customers to your business. To request a free quote, you can contact us at 020 8518 4551 today so you can speak with one of our signage experts.

Shop signs attract customers

Products are one thing, but in order to really attract customers, your shop needs a proper signs. An effective means of promotion, a shop sign can convey many things – and we make sure it conveys them in all the right ways. We will help you create a sign that best showcases both your product and all your ideas connected to your shop. We can use artwork that you provide us with or start from scratch, picking the right fonts and colours, thanks to our devoted graphic designers. Plain or LED-illuminated – you get to choose everything about your sign.


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