Are you in the design phase of your new business location and you are trying to determine which type of ceiling would best go with your layout? Are you planning on hanging advertisement or signage from the ceiling? Do you want to make your retail space feel more open and airy or are you on a limited budget and need a standard ceiling installed in your establishment? No matter what your reasons are, we at Contrast Interiors can find the perfect ceiling design for your establishment. You will want to meet with one of our ceiling design experts to figure out which type of ceiling would work best for your company.

Types of Ceiling Designs

There are many types of ceiling designs that you can choose from….it all depends on your vision, taste and budget. You will want to choose a ceiling design that will reflect and complement your style and brand. Our ceiling design experts will help you choose the right type of ceiling for your establishment. Here are the various types of ceilings that we can design and build for you:

  • Suspended Ceilings: When you choose a suspended ceiling design, it provides you with several advantages of other types of permanent ceilings. You will be able to conceal any joists, piping, or wiring that is located in your ceiling. It is also easier to add additional lighting or intercoms once your ceiling has been installed.
  • Acoustic Ceiling: Installing ceiling acoustics in your establishment will create a positive ambiance as it diverts sound away from largely noisy areas. Acoustic ceilings are often used in musical establishments and theatres.
  • Bulkhead Designed Ceilings: Bulkhead designed ceilings give off a contemporary or space-age feeling. This type of ceiling covers much of the structural and mechanical work as it divides both work and living spaces of any office or building. We’ll be able to install lighting, electrics, and air conditioning in your new bulkhead ceiling.
  • Bespoke Ceilings: If you’re looking for your company’s design to stand out, then a bespoke ceiling design is right for you. We can create non-traditional ceiling designs that will awe your clients as they walk into your establishment. We’ll also work closely with you to make sure your new bespoke ceiling fits within your budget.

If you are unsure as to which type of ceiling design you would like to choose, you can contact us today so we can answer all your questions and help you determine which type of ceiling is suitable for your establishment.


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