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Designing and furnishing a restaurant can be a challenging task. While finding and selecting appropriate restaurant furniture is exciting, it is nevertheless a crucial step that calls for deliberate action. Restaurant furniture needs to be visually attractive and in line with the design concept. It should maximise the dining space while also increasing seating capacity. Above all, it should offer an unforgettable dining experience for customers. Finding furniture that meets these criteria often proves difficult using pre-made furniture only and opting for bespoke restaurant furniture design services becomes a necessity.

At Contrast Interiors, we specialise in offering bespoke furniture design and manufacturing services for restaurants. Our designers and joiners have a profound understanding of the specific requirements of creating aesthetically pleasing and highly functional designs. Using a large selection of commercial-grade materials, we offer restaurant furniture design services tailored to any budget and need. We can design and bring to life all types of restaurant furniture at competitive prices and of superior quality.

Bespoke Restaurant
Furniture Design

Restaurant furniture plays a prominent role in creating a memorable dining experience. Carefully designed and selected restaurant furniture can completely transform an otherwise unremarkable dining space. Not only does it bring excitement into the dining room, but it also increases functionality and maximises the available space. Above all, it enhances the interior design and paves the way to a more comfortable dining experience.

Made-to-measure restaurant furniture offers numerous advantages over ready-made furniture. First, opting for bespoke furniture ensures that every piece will fit the space and the decor perfectly. Designers and restaurateurs can choose the right height and size of the dining room furniture, in line with the individual needs of the restaurant. While doing so, it helps designers maximise the dining space and put in place an efficient layout that suits the restaurant’s unique needs and business goals. In other words, tailor-made furniture allows designers to create exceptional restaurant interior designs and give the space a branding touch.

Restaurant Furniture
Range and Materials

Restaurants are busy gathering places subject to high footfall. To be able to meet the daily demands of catering environments, restaurants need robust furniture that offers both comfort and high aesthetic value. Material choice plays a crucial role in achieving these goals.

The materials used to create restaurant furniture need to be of the highest quality to ensure the safety and comfort of customers. For this reason, at Contrast Interiors, we only use the best commercial-grade materials available in all our restaurant furniture designs. In all our designs, we use materials that are scratch and stain-resistant and certified for contract use. This ensures that we deliver high-quality furniture that not only looks good but is also extremely durable.

As part of our restaurant shopfitting services, we undertake the design and manufacturing of various types of restaurant furniture. From dining tables and chairs to booths and hostess stations, we create unique pieces of furniture. Our services extend to all aspects of furniture design and manufacturing, from the drawing board right into your dining room. Providing professional advice on size, materials and designs, we help restaurateurs make the most of their space.

Restaurant Tables

We design and manufacture commercial-grade tables for restaurants, bistros, bars as well as cafes. Using various materials, we can produce tables either as separate items consisting of table bases and tops or as complete dining tables.

As part of our restaurant furniture design services, we offer a wide range of table designs and style for our customers. A great variety of high-quality materials and finishes allows us to match our design to the restaurant decor. As such, we manufacture table bases and tops using various materials, including:

  • Wooden table and tabletops. Using various types of wood, we manufacture wooden dining tables to suit any environment and design. A professional, high-quality and lasting finish makes our tables easy to maintain and resilient against day to day wear.
  • Solid surface or compact laminate tabletops are sleek, but extremely strong materials, that stand up well against scratches, spills, heat and impact. Our professional joiners are certified fabricators of solid surface, including Corian, Hanex and Hi-Macs.
  • Metal tables can be an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. We offer custom-made metal furniture in various shapes, sizes and colours to match the design.

A wide variety of restaurant chairs

Chairs represent one of the most versatile seating options and constitute an integral part of any restaurant interior design. Coming in a great variety of styles, colours and materials, chairs represent one of the most valuable pieces of furniture to enhance the interior design as well as the seating capacity.

At Contrast Interiors, we design and manufacture a wide variety of chairs for restaurants. Using various materials, colours and designs we match them to any interior design and style. Be it formal or casual, modern or traditional, we will find the perfect solution to suit any decor or style.

Banquettes and Booths

Restaurant banquettes or booths represent a convenient form of restaurant seating furniture, that allows designers and restaurant owners to save a lot of valuable dining space. Coming in a great variety of forms, colours, patterns and materials, banquettes and booths are an indispensable part of most modern restaurant furniture designs.

In our joinery workshop, we design and manufacture custom-made banquettes or booths to help maximise seating capacity and create a compelling interior design. You can choose from a wide range of materials, patterns and styles to suit both casual and upscale environments. Be it wooden benches or upholstered booths, we offer a comprehensive range of design and manufacturing services, using leather, vinyl or patterned fabric at our client’s choice.

Bar Stools and Counters

Countertop dining is becoming more and more popular. In order to help bring excitement and create a space for social interaction and fun, we offer bespoke restaurant bar counter design and build services, with custom-made barstools to fit the design. We manufacture bar countertops using marble, character oak, solid core or wood, all offering outstanding appeal and resistance.

Our experienced designers and joiners can help select appropriate materials and designs that best suit the decor. With a deep understanding of efficient bar counter design, we help put in place an efficient layout while giving your space a unique style.

Patio Furniture

Creating an outdoor seating area can be a great investment especially during the warm season. It can not only help give your restaurant, bar or cafe a competitive edge but it can also help create a positive brand image and increase customer satisfaction.

Outdoor patio furniture needs to be attractive and suit your venue’s unique needs. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing and offer a level of comfort for customers. At Contrast Interiors, we offer furniture design services for outdoor seating areas as well. We use weather-resistant materials and create space-saving designs to create outdoor furniture that lasts a lifetime.

Restaurant Hostess Stations and Podiums

Investing in a hostess station is one of the best ways to create a positive first impression. An area dedicated to greeting guests, to manage reservations and show diners to their tables, a hostess station can add huge value to any dining space. It allows staff to establish rapport with diners and speaks volumes about the quality of the services.

As part of our restaurant furniture design services, we can also design and manufacture hostess and greeting stations for restaurants. We create stations of the perfect size to accommodate all the necessary equipment and use a wide range of high-quality materials and finishes to enhance the customer experience as well as the design.

Restaurant Furniture Design
by Contrast Interiors

At Contrast Interiors, we offer outstanding restaurant furniture design and manufacturing services at competitive prices. We design and manufacture restaurant furniture to suit various restaurant styles and themes. We excel at finding the perfect solution for any restaurant or bar interior space and tailor our services to design, budget or need.

Having been active in the commercial fit-out sector for more than fifteen years we know how important it is to have high-quality and aesthetic furniture.  Therefore, all materials we use to bring to life unique restaurant furniture designs are sourced from the finest manufacturers. We only work with commercial-grade materials that offer lasting quality and finish – a basic requirement in busy contract environments.

We produce all types of restaurant furniture and ensure that all quality and safety criteria are met. Our restaurant furniture designs are stylish and unique, but above all else, of superior quality. Having invested in our joinery workshop allows us to manufacture truly unique furniture according to the design concept and deliver them to the dining room at agreed deadlines and cost. Above all, we guarantee our work and offer unrivalled 24/7 maintenance and after-care service for all our customers.

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