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Biophilic restaurant design has been at the centre of interior designers’ attention for years. Creating nature- and greenery-inspired restaurant interiors have taken the catering industry by storm, and for a seemingly valid reason. As our cities become ever more filled with concrete, people’s desire to reconnect with nature has increased manifold. As a result, incorporating greenery and applying biophilic design principles in the restaurant design has become a trend rather than an exception. Plant-filled flower pots, moss walls and green ceilings are a recurrent theme of modern restaurant interiors.

At Contrast Interiors, we know how important it is to keep the interior design of a restaurant up to date with modern design trends. Above all, we understand the need for creating designs that resonate with diners’ expectations and cater to their needs. For this reason, we offer professional biophilic and greenery-inspired restaurant interior design services. Through clever use of greenery and biophilic design principles, we help bring restaurants closer to nature.

Biophilic Restaurant Design.
The Future of Modern Restaurant Interiors?

Greenery-inspired and biophilic restaurant design have gained popularity over the past decade. Applying biophilic design principles and adding greenery to the dining room can completely transform the dining experience. It can not only create a pleasant restaurant atmosphere, but it also allows diners to feel more connected with the space.

But what exactly is biophilic restaurant design? According to biologist E. O. Wilson, biophilia is “an innate and genetically determined affinity of human beings with the natural world.” In other words, biophilic interior design is concerned with creating interior spaces that harness people’s innate desire to (re)connect with nature. Using natural materials, adding greenery to the decor and focusing on lighting allows designers to create captivating dining spaces that enhance the culinary experience.

Besides increasing people’s feelings of physical and mental wellbeing, biophilic restaurant design is also a powerful tool for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of dining spaces. Using various types of plants, green walls and ceilings allow designers to add a tactile richness to the interior while making the dining room feel fresh and lively. Moreover, combining greenery with natural materials and lighting, help create strong focal points that enhance the restaurant decor and add value to the theme.

Bring the Outside In.
Creating Biophilic Restaurant Designs

Knowing the benefits of biophilic design, many modern restaurants are keen on giving their space a more natural look. Be it in the form of opting for a natural colour scheme or by filling the dining room with green plants and natural materials, the possibilities are endless. Nevertheless, finding your path and knowing where to start might feel overwhelming at the start.

At Contrast Interiors, we have extensive experience in creating captivating restaurant designs. Dedicated to excellence, we can help restaurant owners bring their establishment closer to nature. Using creative and innovative design solutions, we create unique designs that have a lasting impact on diners.

To create truly successful biophilic designs for restaurants, we focus on four main areas of the interior design:

Adding Greenery and Plants to the Restaurant Decor

Adding greenery and plants to the restaurant decor is one of the easiest ways of creating biophilic designs. Using plants and greenery helps diners connect visually with nature. As one of the most impactful elements of biophilic design, it breathes life into the dining room and enhances the dining experience.

There are numerous ways through which designers can add greenery to the restaurant decor. Either in the form of potted green plants, lush green walls or ceilings. While mixing various types of plants make the restaurant design more appealing, it can also have a crucial functional role.

The addition of green walls, for example, can help separate various areas of the dining room. Establishing partitions helps create private dining spaces, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. Similarly, plants hung from the ceiling can draw attention away from exposed ducts, vents and pipes, without additional structural world. Finally, potted plants can fill empty corners and walls, filling the space with nature while hiding problem areas.

Using Natural Materials, Shapes and Textures

While plants and greenery are most commonly associated with biophilic design, the principles of the latter go way beyond the simple addition of greenery to the decor. To create truly nature-inspired spaces, other aspects of the restaurant design are crucial, too.

Thus, to create successful biophilic interiors requires the use of natural materials, biomorphic furniture as well as natural colours and textures. Mixing and matching various types of natural materials, furniture or using wood panelling, for example, can help diners relax and feel more connected with the space. At the same time, it might also help restaurateurs in their quest to create more sustainable designs.

Focus on natural light

While material choice is vital in all aspects of restaurant design and refit, it is not just plants and materials designers should pay attention to. Lighting design is just as crucial. The lighting design of a restaurant plays a crucial role in creating the perfect atmosphere for diners to enjoy. And when it comes to biophilic restaurant design, lighting should, once again, be one of the designers’ top concerns.

One of the key aspects of successful biophilic design for restaurants is letting as much natural light in as possible. Reducing or replacing artificial lighting with natural light boosts people’s mood, attention and keeps them more aware of their environment.

Natural colour scheme

Last, but not least, a natural colour scheme can also help in bringing to life nature-inspired spaces. Colours are known to have a great impact on diners’ perceptions and feelings in the space. Using light, natural colours support designers and restaurant owners efforts to bring to life attractive biophilic designs.

Let Us Help You With
Biophilic Restaurant Design

At Contrast Interiors, we are devoted to offering the best restaurant design and interior fit-out services to all our clients. To honour their wish of bringing their space closer to nature, we offer biophilic or greenery-inspired restaurant design and fit-out services.

Using a wide range of natural materials, patterns, forms and textures, we create attractive spaces that remind people of nature. Choosing an appropriate colour scheme, we help define the space and create a relaxing restaurant atmosphere for diners to enjoy. Through clever use of greenery and plants, we can give your restaurant a unique look that welcomes and awes diners.

Using only high-quality and natural materials, we can help restaurants harness the power of biophilic design. Our in-house joinery allows us to design and manufacture unique furniture and design elements to create comprehensive design concepts. Using creative and ingenious designs, we create nature-inspired spaces that increase satisfaction and encourage repeat visits.

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