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Restaurant and Bar Interior Design

The experience of dining out is made up of more than simple moments of enjoying delicious food. A great variety of elements influence how customers perceive your restaurant and the quality of your services. From serving delectable cuisine to outstanding customer service down to the interior design of your restaurant or bar, several things contribute to creating an unforgettable experience for customers.

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At Contrast Interiors, we know how to create and bring to life designs that whet people’s appetite for your food as well as for your restaurant.

We specialise in offering bespoke restaurant and bar interior design, fit-out and refurbishment services, tailored to any budget and need. As a leading restaurant and bar interior design contractor in London, we have designed and fitted numerous restaurants. We share your passion for food and know how to create designs that reflect and transmit this passion towards customers.

unique and attractive interior design

The importance of getting the design right

Competition in the hospitality sector is fierce. As dining out becomes more of a commodity than a luxury, more restaurants and bars are offering excellent services than ever. While the quality of food and service remains at the forefront of outstanding customer experience, the ambience and overall atmosphere of your restaurant or bar are not negligible either. From this perspective, then, the interior design of your restaurant or bar might be just as important as the food you put on your customers’ plate.

Several things influence how customers perceive the quality of your services. Ranging from comfort through colour schemes down to overall decor and lighting, numerous elements influence the dining experience of your customers. Having a truly unique and attractive interior design for your bar or restaurant is therefore crucial for success.

A successful bar and restaurant interior design enhances customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Such a design can transmit a powerful message towards your customers that reflects your brand, vision as well as your services. Through a seamless combination of various design elements, it creates a unified theme for your restaurant.

we excel at creating design concepts

Restaurant and bar interior design experts at Contrast Interiors

Contrast Interiors is a specialist restaurant and bar interior design and fit-out contractor in London. We deliver projects with top-quality craftsmanship on time and on budget. With more than fifteen years of experience, we are experts in the field. We know not only how to create interior designs that reflect your brand and vision, but also how to turn your bar or restaurant into a local landmark.

We have a multidisciplinary team, in which designers, architects and shopfitters work collaboratively together to breathe life into hospitality spaces. Our goal is to create captivating interior designs that offer an immersive experience for customers and staff alike. Striving for continuous innovation, we create design concepts that offer operational efficiency and a memorable experience for customers.

Through clever use of design and with a deep understanding of the sector, we give your space a unique identity. Undertaking both small and large-scale projects, we come up with fresh ideas and one-of-a-kind design concepts. Our strong background knowledge of the hospitality sector allows us to find and offer the best solutions that work.

Our Work

Our restaurant and bar interior design services.

At Contrast Interiors, we excel at creating design concepts that are fully tailored to your requirements and needs.

As part of our restaurant and bar interior design services, we offer custom fittings and innovative design solutions to create unique and attractive spaces that keep customers coming back.

We have been active in the shopfitting industry for more than fifteen years. During this time, we have developed a deep understanding of the sector and honed our skills in offering creative solutions that work. We offer the highest-quality restaurant and bar interior design services from concept design to a fully functioning unit.

Our team has vast experience in working on both small and large-scale projects. We offer interior design and fit-out services at any stage of the refurbishment project and for any budget or need. Through a holistic approach to design, we take care of the entire project from start to finish.

Our Services

As part of our restaurant and bar interior design services, we offer:

The Process

About the restaurant and bar interior design and fit-out process

We pride ourselves on establishing a close connection with our customers and offering bespoke solutions tailored to their needs. Our project managers are in constant communication with our clients. Consequently, this ensures that every stage of the design and fit-out process is carried out to the highest standards.

Throughout our interior design and installation works, we offer a single point of contact to all of our customers. This, in turn, helps to adjust and keep our vision and plans in line with your expectations and budget.

To offer the best value for your money, we follow specific procedures throughout the design and fit-out process:

  1. Free Consultation
    & Budgeting

    The starting point for all of our restaurant and bar interior design projects is the initial consultation. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to all our prospective customers. Once contact is made, we develop a clear understanding of your brand, needs and requirements. We then create a brief and establish a budget for the project.

  2. Unique Design

    Once we have a clear understanding of your needs and vision, we move onto the design phase. During this stage, we create layout designs and prepare a detailed concept and graphic design for further discussion. We ensure that all of our restaurant and bar interior design packages comply with legal and statutory as well as with technical requirements. Through close collaboration with our clients, we then refine the design plans and ensure that it is consistent with the design brief.

  3. Manufacturing
    Bespoke Units

    Once we have worked out all the details of the design plan we will start the manufacturing process. Having a dedicated manufacturing facility allows us to offer truly unique design solutions and deal even with the most challenging design criteria. We offer made-to-measure joinery, inclusive of bars, counters, seating furniture and next-day delivery. Working only with the highest quality materials and design standards, we bring to life designs that offer a quick turnaround and a lasting finish.

  4. Installation
    & Maintenance

    The final stage of the restaurant and bar interior design and fit-out process is installation. Offering complete, turn-key solutions, we carry out full installation for your convenience. We make sure that everything is properly installed and looks exactly the way it should. We then carry out a full quality test and guarantee our work. Above all, we offer unrivalled 24/7 aftercare and maintenance services.

Our Vision and Values

Restaurant and bar interior designer’s motto

“At Contrast Interiors, our vision goes beyond simply creating attractive restaurant and bar interiors. We want to design and build spaces that allow you to connect with your customers through design. We know that a successful project needs to be a perfect combination of art, efficiency and functionality.”

Quality of

We emphasise quality in everything we do. Working with commercial-grade materials, we design and build state-of-the-art catering environments. As time-served professionals, we carry out all building and construction work with the utmost attention and care. Through rigorous quality testing, we ensure that all of our work is carried out to the highest quality standards. Willing to go the extra mile to ensure our client’s satisfaction, we guarantee our work and promise quality that lasts.

Meticulous attention
to detail

Our extensive experience in the hospitality and shopfitting sector allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the specific needs and requirements of restaurant and bar settings. With a keen eye to even the smallest details, we focus on your needs and offer solutions that suit them perfectly. We pay close attention to every inch of your space and offer solutions that work. Through exquisite detailing, quality materials and lasting finishes, we bring flawless designs to life.

customer service

We know how important customer satisfaction is for you. The same holds for us. We are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that all of your design and practical requirements are met without exception. Working closely with you, we constantly adjust the design concept to suit both your needs and your budget. Above all, we offer an unrivalled after-care service to all of our customers, with 24/7 assistance and maintenance.

Creative design
and innovative solutions

We believe strongly in the power of creative design. We respond to each brief with professionalism, care and innovation. Our goal in all of our projects is to bring to life design concepts that exceed and surpass your expectations. With a thorough understanding of the sector, we work relentlessly to find innovative solutions that go beyond industry standards. You take care of the food and service, and we will deal with the rest.