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First impressions matter. Not only in everyday life but in business as well. Pharmacy shopfront and signage design profoundly impact how shoppers perceive your business. For this reason, amongst many others, it is essential to pay utmost attention to them.

Eye-catching shopfront and signage design are vital for the success of your pharmacy. It not only makes your business stand out from the rest but it also helps convey your brand identity. Well-designed shopfront and signage tell customers that you are devoted to your business. At the same time, it helps communicate your values and create trust. All this make pharmacy shopfront and signage design one of the most effective marketing tools in your hands.


Why are pharmacy shopfront
and signage design so important?

Transmitting an image of trustworthiness and professionalism is crucial for success. Design is one of the most powerful tools in creating this image.

Pharmacy shopfront and signage design stand out in their importance in this regard. Being the first element potential customers come into contact with, they have a real impact on how your pharmacy is perceived. But they bring several other benefits as well.

Reinforcing your brand

Pharmacy shopfront design is the perfect platform for creating a compelling statement about your brand. Thoughtful design not only grabs passers-by’s attention. It helps them identify your brand. If they know and value your brand, they are also more likely to become loyal to it.

Giving your pharmacy a competitive edge

The impression shoppers passing by your pharmacy get determines whether they enter or walk past your pharmacy. Shopfront design can make the difference between walking by and entering. It will not matter if you have the most amazing products, services and most competitive prices if you have no customers to serve.

Helping customers’ navigation

Properly installed interior signage helps customers focus on merchandise. It helps them locate products quickly and with ease. Most importantly, well-designed signage allows customers to navigate through your pharmacy seamlessly.

Enhances overall design

Last, but not least, pharmacy shopfront and signage design are crucial for the overall design of your pharmacy. A well-designed shopfront and signage complement the pharmacy’s interior design.

Guidelines for efficient pharmacy
shopfront and signage design

Professional, innovative and bold design greatly influences your business. The design of your pharmacy is as important for your business, as the digital design is for online businesses. This is especially true of the pharmacy shopfront and signage design. So how can you create designs that produce the desired effects?

To create efficient pharmacy shopfront and signage designs, several aspects need to be considered. From streetscape and architectural features to branding, colours and illumination, the list is long. The shopfront design of the pharmacy alone incorporates various elements. These include projecting signs, openings, window displays and the fascia, to name just a few. To create efficient designs, each of these needs to be considered separately.

When creating the shopfront design, it is important to first consider the streetscape. While it is important to design the shopfront to attract people’s attention, it is also important to make sure that the design complements the streetscape.  At the same time, an attractive design emphasises the original features of the building.

The fascia is one of the most important parts of shopfront design. Exquisite and creative detailing of the fascia is key for success. Carefully chosen and designed fonts, sizes and sightlines should have a central place in design.

Careful selection of colour schemes, illumination and materials is also crucial. The colours need to represent your brand and complement the design. They need to be clearly visible and stand in nice contrast with the background.

Proper lighting fixtures and illumination is vital for ensuring signs are visible. At the same time, the lighting should not obscure the architectural features. Nor should it create visual clutter. For the best results, it is best to keep the street lighting and window lighting in mind throughout the design process.

Professional pharmacy shopfront
and signage design with Contrast Interiors

We are a team of dedicated pharmacy shopfitters and designers, eager to create innovative and stunning designs. Our pharmacy shopfitting services extend to the shopfront and signage design as well. Through creative design, we help give your pharmacy the attention it deserves.

Our services include consultancy, design, manufacturing and installation. Your brand, values and your business are as important for us, as they are for you. We create designs to help you communicate your brand identity and vision efficiently and attractively.

We pay attention to the whole width of your shopfront, creating a visually pleasing display. As always in our shopfitting works, we pay utmost attention to the selection of materials. We use hard-wearing signage materials and finishes that radiate quality. Through the combination of solid, semi-transparent and clear materials, we create dynamic footage. At the same time, we maintain visibility through to the interior. Our team of architects and designers will also take care of all planning and advertising permissions.

We strongly believe in the power of creative and efficient design. With over fifteen years in the pharmacy shopfitting business, we know how to use that power efficiently. Contact us to see what an expert shopfront and signage design could do for your business

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