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What if you had just three seconds to convince a potential customer to choose your pharmacy instead of another one? This is the amount of time it takes for people walking by your pharmacy to decide whether your store is worthy of their attention. And the best way to prove them it is? It is by focussing on the exterior design of your pharmacy.

The importance of creating an attractive exterior design is often underappreciated. And while the interior design of your pharmacy is important, the exterior design is crucial. After all, what will a great interior design do for you, if you miss your chance of attracting customers inside?

At Contrast Interiors, we offer complete, turn-key pharmacy shopfitting services for pharmacies around London. Being aware of the impact a great exterior design has on the success of a business, we offer pharmacy exterior design services to help your business grow.

Why pharmacy exterior design
is crucial for your success?

The pharmacy exterior design is the first thing people come into contact with. As a result, it is your first chance to create a lasting impression on them. It is your chance to show and communicate efficiently what you stand for. To create a positive pharmacy image and create trust.

Knowing that a large part of your revenue comes from walk-in customers, you should focus on the exterior design of your pharmacy. Besides aesthetics and functionality, a skillfully designed pharmacy exterior needs to fulfil various functions. Thus, it should:

  • Entice and attract customers. The interior design of your pharmacy can do very little of no customer gets close to seeing it. You can have the best products and services if people keep walking past your pharmacy. An attractive, inviting and welcoming exterior design has the power of drawing people inside and help you increase your revenue.
  • Create and transmit a positive image of your pharmacy. Think about the exterior design of your pharmacy as the physical, tangible representation of your brand and your business. As such, the exterior design must represent you and your values best.
  • Make your pharmacy stand out. An innovative, bold and creative exterior design can put your pharmacy in the centre of people’s attention.

Key aspects of successful
exterior design

Transmitting an image of trustworthiness and professionalism is vital for success. Design is one of the most powerful tools in creating that image. But what aspects should you keep in mind when creating the best pharmacy exterior design?


Probably one of the most important elements of your pharmacy’s exterior design, the fascia deserves your utmost attention. Being the place where your brand, logo and exterior signage appear, it is the element that should represent you. Through creative use of colours, illumination and signage, the fascia draws customers’ attention and helps them recognise your business.

Shopfront and signage design

In creating the shopfront and signage design of your pharmacy, you must adapt your vision to the streetscape. You need to ensure that your pharmacy stands out from the rest without ruining the streetscape. At the same time, it needs to stay true to who you are as a brand as well as a business.


The entrance to your pharmacy is the barrier between the store interior and the outside world. As such, it fulfils a double function. On the one hand, it needs to be attractive and inviting to prospective customers. It needs to feel welcoming to people of all ages and sizes. On the other hand, it needs to offer protection and security from intruders.

Window displays

When people think about the exterior design of a store, the first thing they usually think about is the window display. As a result, the window display is one of the most important elements of your pharmacy’s exterior design. It is your first chance to sell your brand and products to prospective buyers. A free advertisement platform for you to attract the interest of target customers and make them aware of the type of products you sell.

General and decorative exterior lighting

Lighting is a crucial part of a successful pharmacy exterior design. A thoughtful lighting design ensures that all signs, as well as your brand logo, are visible and easily noticeable. It enhances the exterior design elements of your pharmacy and puts your brand and the original features of the building in the limelight.

What we offer. Our pharmacy exterior design package

At Contrast Interiors we have a strong, creative team of pharmacy shopfitters, designers and architects working together on all our projects. Having been active in the pharmacy shopfitting industry for the past fifteen years, we know everything there is to know about pharmacy exterior and interior design. And we are eager to share our knowledge with you.

As in all of our shopfitting projects, we strive to create innovative and eye-catching pharmacy designs that drive sales. We believe in working in close partnership with our clients to bring to life a pharmacy exterior design that will help their business grow.

We like to think about exterior design as a physical extension of your business. As such, we always ensure that we develop a clear understanding of your brand and vision before the design process starts. Once we do that, we create design concepts that take into account the various elements that constitute an integral part of any pharmacy exterior.

Working with the highest quality materials, we create exterior designs and signage of hard-wearing materials that exude quality. We pay attention to colour combinations and illumination to ensure your brand is visible from a distance. Above all, we make sure that the design represents you. We offer 2D and 3D visualisation of all our design concepts to ensure your vision aligns with ours.

From traditional to cutting-edge design solutions, we offer a wide variety of pharmacy exterior design solutions. We aim to deliver exceptional quality services tailored to your very needs. Our design concepts will diversify and enhance the streetscape and will put your pharmacy in the centre of people’s attention.

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