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What goes into the design
of a pharmacy dispensary?

The dispensing area is without a doubt one of the busiest and most important areas of any pharmacy. As a result, you should dedicate the right amount of care and attention to the pharmacy dispensary design. By doing so, you can improve the safety and efficiency of your pharmacy by a significant margin.

What can a well-designed pharmacy dispensary do for your business? Quite a lot, we would say. Optimising the dispensary workflow through efficient design is essential for success. An efficient pharmacy dispensary design allows for convenient and comfortable customer service. It lowers the change of dispensing errors and enforces good pharmacy practices.

Pharmacy Dispensary design
and best practices

When it comes to pharmacy dispensary design, people generally focus on two things. Speed and accuracy. Customer satisfaction hinges on dispensing medicines quickly and efficiently. But accuracy is just as important. After all, it is your customers’ safety at risk. To provide excellent service, finding a balance between the two is key. To do so, a well-thought-out pharmacy dispensary design is a necessity. So what should you do?

  • The first and most important step is to understand the dispensing process well. You need to break down the process into its elementary stages and make sure that the design allows these processes to run smoothly. This is important for improving the efficiency of the dispensing process. But it also lowers the chance of dispensing errors to occur. As a result, pharmacists will have more time for patients.
  • Allocate floor space wisely. The dispensary should be a well-designated and visibly marked area of your pharmacy. The size of the dispensary should allow pharmacists to move around comfortably. But it should not be too large either. If pharmacists have to walk a lot to find the right medicine, it means that a lot of valuable time is getting wasted.
  • Ensure that the dispensary is well-organised. Design can help with this aspect as well. Choose appropriate shelving units, filing cabinets and drawers to store medicines. Medicines should be properly labelled and put on the shelves in alphabetical order. A well-organised dispensary ensures that medicines are dispensed on time and without errors.
  • And last, but not least, always keep accuracy and security your number one priority.

Pharmacy drawer systems for
efficient dispensing of medicines

Proper organisation is key at all levels and in all areas of your pharmacy. But it becomes vital when it comes to the design of your dispensary. How can design help you with that?

Keeping the dispensary organised is an efficient way of preventing dispensing errors to occur. For a well-organised dispensary, using appropriate shelving units and fixtures is key. Such a pharmacy dispensary design should allow pharmacists to follow basic procedures. Fortunately, there are several shelving options you can choose from. The most popular ones in use today are:

  • Individual shelves Traditional shelves and wall units can house a large number of medicines. They also tend to be cheaper than bespoke shelving units. Nonetheless, it can become difficult to keep medicines organised on them.
  • Pull-out shelving can be a viable alternative to individual shelves and wall units. They can accommodate sloping shelves which allow medicines to slide to the front. As a result, these shelves offer better visibility of medicines and help to adopt a first-in-first-out strategy.
  • Continental drawer systems are closed units, where medicine cannot be seen until the drawers are open. Their main advantage is that you can store a large amount of medicine inside of them in a more attractive way. However, they are inflexible and can be difficult to move and change. them.
  • Robotic dispensing systems might also be considered. Although somewhat costly it can be a worthy investment. Such systems help optimise the dispensing process through speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Pharmacy dispensary
design in expert hands

As professional and experienced pharmacy shopfitters, we know how to create efficient pharmacy dispensary designs. We ensure the dispensary is designed with you in mind, and we put you in the heart of the pharmacy.

The pharmacy dispensary design process starts with a profound understanding of our clients’ needs. We pay attention to your requirements in terms of script levels, storage requirements as well as separate work areas. Knowing the business inside out, we ensure that all legislative and technical requirements are met.

As part of our pharmacy design, we pay particular attention to all aspects of the dispensing process. We pay attention to each stage involved in dispensing a prescription. To make the optimise the dispensary flow, we pay attention and provide creative solutions to:

  • Receipt of prescription
  • Creation of label
  • Medicines assembly
  • Accuracy check
  • Finished prescriptions
  • Medicines collection
  • Patient counselling.


The most important requirement of a modern pharmacy is to concentrate the largest amount of medicine in the least space possible. In this context, choosing appropriate shelving and drawer systems becomes vital. Working with renowned vendors and quality materials we create pharmacy dispensary designs that are not only stylish but also functional and flexible. All joinery is bespoke and will, therefore, makes the best use of valuable floor space. To meet the requirements of modern pharmacies, we also install robotic dispensing systems on demand.

Through our clever and careful design, the dispensary becomes a multi-functional space, professionally planned to meet your needs. It welcomes you in a pleasant and functional environment where you can find your place and feel connected. With dispensary solutions, we have created a complete range of furnishing, complements, working equipment and innovative systems of planning, service and setup.

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