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Pharmacy consultation rooms
create stronger relationships

Providing a space for private counselling, they help build stronger relationships with customers. At the same time, they allow pharmacy owners to expand the range of their services. Having recognised these needs, we offer pharmacy consultation room design and fit-out services. We create private and safe spaces to assist you in delivering outstanding healthcare services to customers.

As the pharmacy business has evolved in recent years, the need for private spaces in pharmacies has increased. Customers seeking healthcare advice might not wish to discuss their health concerns where they are easily overheard. As a result, pharmacy consultation rooms have become an indispensable part of modern pharmacies.

On the benefits of a professional
pharmacy consultation room design

Forming good relationships with customers and responding to their needs is vital for success. Customers today are not only aware of, but also demand an opportunity to discuss their health issues privately with a professional. And as personal privacy becomes more valued, pharmacies, too, need to find a way to adapt to these changes. Pharmacy consultation rooms are at the core of this process.

pharmacy consultation room entrance near the pharmacy counter
Carefully designed pharmacy consultation rooms create the perfect space for private interaction between patients and healthcare professionals.

Professionally designed pharmacy consultation rooms can help your business greatly. They create the perfect space for pharmacists to interact with patients. At the same time, they allow pharmacy owners to better respond to customer needs. In doing so, they help create rapport with customers and thus develop your client base.

Help build stronger relationships with customers

Pharmacy consultation rooms are a perfect means of building strong relationships with customers. Having well-equipped consultation rooms can considerably improve the quality of your services. They highlight that pharmacists can do much more than merely dispense medicine. By creating a private space for consultation, they can make a real difference to the health and well-being of patients.

Allow you to expand the range of your services

Consultation rooms allow you to offer services tailored to the local community’s needs. These might include medicine reviews, diagnostic testing, public health promotion, as well as lifestyle advice. A well-designed pharmacy consultation room will also allow you to deliver better healthcare services. All this leads to increased customer satisfaction.

Establish collaborative relationships with other healthcare providers

Not all of your services need to be offered by pharmacists. Various healthcare professionals might be interested in renting your consultation room(s). Renting out your consultation room can, in turn, bring several benefits. It allows you to build close relationships with other practitioners. At the same time, it lets you offer various services tailored to a wider range of customers. It also helps eliminate long periods when the consultation room is empty.

Professional pharmacy consultation room design increases traffic and sales

One of the best ways to increase footfall and sales is by responding efficiently to customer needs. Cleverly designed consultation rooms help do just that. They can help transform your pharmacy into a one-stop-shop and allow you to offer integrated services. Besides that, customers visiting the consultation room might also wish to make additional purchases. These might include, for example, nicotine replacement therapy or blood pressure monitors. Keeping a stock of these and demonstrating the proper use of them can further increase your sales.

Basic requirements of an efficient
pharmacy consultation room design

Pharmacy consultation rooms can add enormous value to your business. But to do that, they need to be carefully designed and fitted.

pharmacy consultation room design and fit-out interior view
The interior design of the pharmacy consultation room should transmit a professional image. To achieve that, high-quality fixtures and fittings are essential.

When it comes to consultation room fit-out, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. The design of the consultation area will depend on various factors. These include, for example, the type of services you plan to offer as well as the size and layout of your pharmacy. Still, a few guidelines exist that ensure the consultation room is fit for its purpose.

Privacy should always come first when designing the pharmacy consultation room

One of the primary requirements of efficient pharmacy consultation room design is privacy. As such, it is vital to ensure that the consultation room offers visual privacy and is soundproof. To achieve this, high-mounted walls and proper insulation are essential. The goal is to ensure that private conversations are not overheard when speaking at normal volume.

The consultation room needs to be in a separate, designated area

The consultation room must be physically separated from the retail area. While it should be easily accessible from the retail space, it must not be the only route to other areas at the pharmacy. Similarly, the consultation area must only be used for consulting patients. No stock of medicine should be stored there.

The consultation room should be conveniently located and be easily accessible

Careful consideration of the location and size of the pharmacy consultation room is crucial. Thus, it needs to be easily accessible from the retail area, preferably near the dispensary or the pharmacy counter. Also, the consultation room should be large enough for two people to comfortably sit, and be wheelchair-accessible.

Appropriate fixtures and fittings are a necessity

The pharmacy consultation rooms should be designed to reflect the professional nature of the area. To do that, high-quality fixtures and fittings are essential. Minimally, pharmacy consultation rooms need to have:

  • comfortable chairs for clients and pharmacists to sit;
  • a table for writing prescriptions and holding demonstrations;
  • lockable storage cabinets for the safe storage of medicine;
  • a sink or a hand washing facility with hot and cold water;
  • waste disposal facility for safe disposal of waste medicine;
  • information stands for brochures and leaflets.

Ensure the safety of both clients and professionals

Pharmacy consultation rooms should be designed to ensure the safety and security of patients and pharmacists alike. As a result, it is vital to fit the consultation so that no serious injury happens if a person faints or falls. Additional security features, such as CCTV cameras and panic buttons may also be considered. If you opt for using these technologies, however, you must inform patients about it. And to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of your patients, you will also need to put in place robust protocols and procedures.

Pharmacy consultation rooms should be clearly visible from the retail area

To make the most of your consultation room, you must let customers know about the services you offer. To do that, proper signage and promotion are vital. You need to ensure that the consultation room is visible from the retail area by using appropriate signage. At the same time, you could promote your services through point-of-sale-displays, using leaflets, brochures or posters.

Pharmacy consultation room design
and fit-out by Contrast Interiors

Consultation rooms can add huge value to your business. Creating the perfect space to offer outstanding healthcare services, they help create rapport with clients. More and more pharmacies today are looking for ways to create efficient, private and safe spaces for patient counselling. To respond to these needs we offer pharmacy consultation room design and fit-out services.

inside view of a pharmacy consultation room
We offer pharmacy consultation room design and fit-out services at any stage of the pharmacy refit process. Working with high-quality materials, our designs meet both technical and practical criteria.

Having over fifteen years of experience as pharmacy shopfitters, we design consultation rooms with great knowledge and care. After an initial consultation, our experts will carry out an on-site survey. We then determine the size of the consultation room based on the services you will want to provide and on the available floor space.

When space is at a premium, we offer bespoke pharmacy furniture and fittings that make the best use of available space. Having an individual joinery workshop means we can design and manufacture all bespoke joinery needed. This includes lockable storage and filing cabinets, desks, information stands and made-to-measure furniture.

Emphasizing innovative design, we ensure that the consultation room meets both technical and practical criteria. All our designs are compliant with both the DDA and the Equality Act of 2010. Above all, we create all of our designs with your specific needs and requirements in mind. We create pharmacy consultation rooms to allow you to deliver first-class healthcare services and grow your business.

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