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Every pharmacy is unique in its own ways. Besides such obvious things as branding, there are other elements that help make your pharmacy stand out from the rest. Given the competitive nature of the pharmacy business, this aspect has become more important than ever. There are many things you can do to create a truly unique and functional design for your pharmacy. But there is one thing that stands out in its importance: the use of bespoke joinery. While not many pharmacies are actively thinking about it, the truth is that in order to make the pharmacy shopfitting process successful, the individual needs of the pharmacy need to be considered. And these unique needs call for unique and bespoke solutions.

Why a one-size-fits-all
approach won't cut it?

The overall design and layout of the store greatly affects the efficiency of your business. The importance of choosing the right solutions for your business, including furniture, shelving, counters, ceiling, flooring and more cannot be overemphasised. And while there are many types of ready-made, pre-fabricated options on the market you can choose from, opting for custom-made solutions can do a lot for your business.

Many people believe that bespoke naturally implies expensive. In turn, this belief drives many people towards opting for ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions for their pharmacy designs. And while opting for bespoke solutions might be an investment, there are a few things that make it worthwhile nonetheless:

  • Space optimisation and management. Bespoke joinery is made to the exact requirements of each pharmacy. This ensures the best allocation of space for each part of your pharmacy, and can significantly improve the workflow.
  • Unique and consistent design. Bespoke solutions are easy to match the previously agreed shopfitting scheme. They allow for the creation of a consistent pharmacy interior design. Designed and manufactured fully in line with your design and brand vision, it guarantees to make your pharmacy unique.
  • Efficiency. When you opt for bespoke joinery, you can be sure that they are created with functionality and efficiency in mind. Taking into account the correct distribution and positioning of the products, it helps you create and implement an efficient merchandising strategy.
  • High quality and added value. Bespoke joinery are created with the highest standards of quality, using the best materials. This in turn, makes the perceived value of your goods increase, and your customers more willing to buy. Employing a specialist joiner to work on your pharmacy’s interior design guarantees a perfect fit and finish.

Bespoke joinery by Contrast Interiors

Our pharmacy shopfitting and bespoke joinery units show you the commitment and passion of people who work with us every day to ensure quality and innovation. These are the values that have inspired us when designing and producing fittings and furnishings.

Our team of pharmacy shopfitters and design specialists have been active in the shopfitting business for more than fifteen years. We have in-depth knowledge of how the industry works. And we know how to create not only visually outstanding design, but also how to combine it efficiently with functionality.

For the best results, we offer bespoke joinery for all our projects. As part of our pharmacy design process, we pay careful attention to the correct distribution and positioning of goods. We help create an efficient shelf merchandising strategy, and make your pharmacy stand out from the rest. Using graphics and bespoke joinery, we not only help you efficiently bring your brand vision to life, but also adapt the design to best fit your pharmacy’s needs.

We carefully select the appropriate retail shelving systems and manufacture bespoke joinery to enhance product display and maximise sales. Our unique, bespoke joinery ensure that you make the best use of valuable space. It will create impact and will fully comply with the agreed shopfitting scheme. And most importantly, we promise to respect your budget, your time and your business alike.

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