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The reception area is one of the most critical parts of your optical shop or opticians’. Dedicated to greeting and admitting patients, the reception area and reception desks are your patients’ first point of contact and your first chance to make a positive first impression. As a result, it is vital to ensure that your opticians’ reception area and reception desks send the right message. Above all, they need to be functional and represent your brand, business and values best.

At Contrast Interiors, we offer a wide range of interior design and fit-out services for opticians’ in the UK. With minute attention to your brand, business and needs, we offer professional reception area design and fit-out services. Using high-quality and durable materials, we design and manufacture bespoke reception area furniture – including reception desks, counters as well as a mix of seating furniture. Paying attention to efficiency and workflow, we build aesthetic and functional spaces that represent your brand and optimise patient flow.

Reception Area Design &
Fit-Out Services

First impressions matter. And when it comes to your opticians’ interior design, the reception area is one of those areas where you can truly make an impression. The interior design and organisation of the reception area are all too critical to your brand image. A well-designed reception area and reception desks speak volumes to customers about your values and the quality of your services.

At Contrast Interiors, we offer professional design and fit-out services. With extensive experience in designing and refitting healthcare spaces, we know how to build environments that work and impress. Working closely with you, we can also help find the best solutions for your optical shop, too.

Be it a complete design and refit of your opticians’ or a new reception desk we can be of help. We can not only take care of all design and planning works but also manufacture bespoke reception area furniture including reception desks, welcome desks and counters, as well as a variety of seating furniture.

Thus, as part of our opticians’ design and refit package, we offer:

Reception Area Layout and Floor Plan

The reception area can quickly become one of the busiest areas of your opticians’. To that end, it is critical to put in place an efficient floor plan that optimises traffic flow and efficiency.

At Contrast Interiors, we know that the key to building successful spaces is establishing a functional floor plan first. Taking into account the volume of traffic and the current layout of your practice, we design and put in place an efficient floor plan.

Our designs will help optimise workflow while also maximising patients’ comfort. Using a wide range of commercial-grade materials, we design and manufacture unique reception area furniture that is aesthetic and functional. Using creative design solutions, we create strong focal points and establish clear sightlines to control traffic flow.

Bespoke Reception Desks and Reception Area Furniture Design

The reception desk is the focal point of the reception area. For this reason, you need to ensure that your opticians’ reception desks capture the culture and brand of your business. They should feel welcoming and practical while transmitting a professional image.

At Contrast Interiors, we design and manufacture bespoke, state-of-the-art reception desks for opticians’ across the UK. Taking into account the many functions and specific requirements of the reception desks, we create unique, functional and aesthetic reception desks for your practice.

To ensure the success of the design and refit process, we focus on a few key criteria during this process:

Location & Floor Plan

The location of the reception desks is critical to success. Thus, reception desks should be easy to locate and to access. Moreover, they need to give receptionists a clear view of the traffic area and facilitate traffic control.

Taking these criteria into account, we can design and put in place an efficient floor plan for your reception area. Depending on the current layout and the volume of traffic in your opticians’, we find the optimal location for the reception desks. Using various design solutions and treatments, we establish strong visual sightlines and optimise the traffic flow and facilitate movement.

Ergonomics & Functionality

The reception desks need to accommodate the needs of patients and receptionists alike. Our bespoke reception desks and counters reflect the many functions of an opticians’ reception desk, including registration functions, waiting and opportunities for patient education. They are tailor-made to suit your practice and make the best use of available space.

Focusing on your unique needs, we build ergonomic and functional reception desks. Our designs accommodate and reflect the many functions of the reception area while keeping the space organised. All our designs are in line with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and are also wheelchair-accessible.

Aesthetics & Style

Besides location, functionality and ergonomics, aesthetic criteria are also vital. The aesthetics, style and colour of your reception desks need to reflect your healthcare practice and your brand.

At Contrast Interiors, we know how important it is to set the right tone and create a professional image. Working with a large selection of high-quality materials, we design and manufacture stylish reception desks that are second to none.

As such, we offer a wide variety of design stylish, finishes and colours to suit your brand, vision and budget. We can manufacture reception desks and reception area furniture using hardwood veneer, laminate plates, Corian and other solid-surface materials, as well as acrylic, glass and granite. Using a mix of colours and finishes, we create visual interest and bring to life unique pieces of furniture that never fail to impress.

Reception Area Seating Furniture

In larger opticians and optometry offices, we can also offer bespoke reception area seating furniture design and manufacturing services. Emphasizing patient comfort and style, we design comfortable and aesthetic seating furniture. Taking into account the size and volume of traffic in your opticians’, we can provide a mix of seating styles and arrangements to suit every need.

Since some people might value privacy, we can fit your reception area with moveable seating furniture that will allow you to reconfigure the space easily. Focusing on your brand and needs, we can choose appropriate colour schemes to match the interior design of your place.

Professional Reception Area
Design Services

At Contrast Interiors, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality design and manufacturing services for opticians’ in London. As part of our comprehensive range of opticians’ interior design services, we offer reception area design and fit-out services as well. So, if you are looking for a professional contractor to design and refit your opticians’ reception area, or in need of stylish and practical reception area furniture, you can count on our team for help. We offer stylish and practical design solutions for optical shops, optometry offices and opticians in London at competitive prices and outstanding quality.

We design and manufacture bespoke reception desks and reception area furniture for healthcare spaces. Focusing on your individual needs and requirements, we build aesthetic and functional spaces that optimise workflow, increase efficiency and offer superior quality. Offering endless options in terms of design, materials and finishes, we can find the best solutions for your specific needs, requirements and brand.

You can access our services either as part of a larger refit or as an individual small-scale project. We can also work around your business’ operating hours while removing your existing reception desks and installing the new one, giving you a minimal amount of disruption. We can talk you through the available options and design solutions to ensure that your reception area sends the right message. Transform your practice with our help today.

Are you ready to update your opticians’ reception area or looking for bespoke reception desks and furniture? Whatever the space, design and brand of your opticians, Contrast Interiors can find the best solution for your optician. Contact us to talk to our team about your requirements and transform your practice today.

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