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Striking a balance between your optical shop’s retail area and the aesthetics of your practice can be challenging. Still, finding appropriate display systems and opticians furniture to showcase and promote your products are critical to success. Well-selected optical display systems play an enormous role not only in creating attractive and functional interiors but also in driving sales. Thus, eye-catching opticians shelves, stylish frame bars and display rods enhance customers’ interest and maximise sales. Moreover, they allow you to store and display glasses and eyewear attractively, while also helping maintain the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

At Contrast Interiors, we understand optical shops’ needs to display spectacles in an eye-catching way. With years of experience in the interior design and fit-out sector, we know how to create environments that sell. From stand-alone optical displays and storage solutions to countertop and wall-mount displays, we offer turnkey design and manufacturing services for opticians and optical shops in the UK. Using high-quality materials and creative design solutions, we can supply the best display and storage units for your opticians’.

Bespoke Optical Display Systems

Creating a professional optical environment requires finding a balance between maximising the retail space and promoting a positive brand image. To maximise efficiency and sales, opticians’ need to find a way to display a large amount of eyewear without overcrowding the retail space. Using bespoke, custom-made optical displays and opticians’ furniture, we can help find the best solutions for your optical shop, too.

Thus, as part of our services, we offer a large selection of bespoke opticians furniture, including:

Cabinet Style Optical Displays

Cabinet-style optical displays represent one of the most popular choices for displaying eyewear. High-quality lockable cabinets are ideal for displaying high-end products in an eye-catching and efficient way. To this end, we offer bespoke cabinet-style optical display systems, tailored to your space, budget and needs.

Working with a large selection of high-quality materials, we design and manufacture display cabinets that work. Tailored to meet your display and retail needs, we can customise our displays with a wide range of accessories. You can choose from a wide range of stylish frame holders and frame bars, finishes and colours to ensure that our displays suit your optical shop and brand best.

Wall Mount Optical Displays

Wall mount optical displays are the ideal choice if you want to maximise the retail area and optimise floor space. Designed to hold the maximum number of eyewear and glasses, these panels represent the best option if you are looking for space-saving, yet aesthetic display solutions.

In smaller opticians, or where the space is limited, we can also offer bespoke wall-mount optical frame displays. Tailored to your practice and needs, our panels will help maximise available space, increase footfall as well as sales. Depending on your personal storage needs, we can also fit our displays with additional shelves, signage panels, mirrors and more.

Stylish Framebars and Display Rods

Individual frame bars and display rods can be an efficient way to display a large number of frames in a limited space. We offer custom-made optical frame bars, lockable display rods and countertop eyewear displays.

Using cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials, we can manufacture and fit your optical shop with stylish and space-efficient display systems. Our team can help find the best solution for your opticians’, thus making your optical shop look attractive and neat. Choose from a wide selection of frame bars and display rods to suit your products, brand and business.

Display Shelves and Racks

The shelving of an optical shop is radically different from most other retail stores. While your range of products is high, the product size is small. In turn, this can make it difficult to showcase glasses and eyewear attractively and neatly.

Using the power of creative design and using commercial-grade materials, we create custom-made display shelves and display racks to display your products efficiently. Our LED-backlit shelves can further enhance the aesthetics of your shop and increase the visibility of your products.

Floor-Standing Display Stands

Floor-standing display units are a flexible and especially attractive display solution for your optical shop. Designed to showcase your brand, products and frames with maximum appeal, floor-standing displays can draw shoppers towards your products.

In light of this, we design and manufacture custom-made floor standing display units for opticians’ and optical shops. We offer a wide range of floor-standing displays, using a large selection of materials, fitted with a rotating base. What’s more, you can choose accessories, such as headers, dispensers and cladding that will not only enhance the display’s aesthetic appeal but also provide space for displaying promotional materials and enhance your brands’ visibility.

Bespoke Opticians' Display Design & Manufacturing.
About the process

Contrast Interiors is a leading optician shopfitter and interior designer. Our goal is to build attractive and functional spaces tailored to your unique needs. Delivering unparalleled design and manufacturing services and using innovative solutions, we design and build beautiful optical environments that drive sales and never fail to impress. Offering end-to-end design and manufacturing services, we undertake projects at any stage of the refurbishment process.

As part of our design and fit-out services for optical shops, we manufacture and install bespoke display systems and storage solutions that maximise the retail area and offer high aesthetic value.

We are dedicated to offering the highest-quality services to our customers. For this reason, we follow specific steps in the design and refit process:

1. Initial Consultation

All our projects start with an initial consultation. As part of this process, we can also carry out an on-site survey to understand your space and needs best. With insight and care, we then start the initial space planning process. Focusing on streamlining traffic flow and improving sightlines and display solutions, we create designs and layouts that ensure efficiency and maximise merchandising opportunities.

2. Planning and Design

Once we understand your specific needs, we start planning and creating the concept design. During this stage, we focus on creating an efficient floor plan to streamline traffic flow and maximise selling opportunities. Above all, we create designs that will allow you to display the maximum number of frames in the available space, and prepare customised designs for discussion.

3. Manufacturing

All proposed work is then presented in 2D and 3D format.  We also provide detailed sample boards to give a clear idea of what to expect before the manufacturing process begins. Once we agree on the concept design, the manufacturing process begins. Working with a dedicated manufacturing facility, we meticulously engineer and build unique optical display systems and opticians' furniture that offer the best performance, aesthetic value and durability.

4. Professional Delivery & Installation

The final stage of the design and fit-out process is delivering your custom displays and installing them professionally. We always keep your business and needs in the centre of our attention. This is why, during installation work, we will keep downtime and disruption to a minimum. Our time-served craftsmen ensure your frame displays are installed safely and are ready to impress.

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At Contrast Interiors, we offer a wide variety of display fixtures for opticians’ and optical shops. Following the highest quality standards, we offer a comprehensive range of interior design and fit-out services at any stage of the refurbishment process. Our extensive experience in the optical shopfitting industry allows us to bring to life bespoke optical display systems and opticians furniture.

Working closely with you, we design and manufacture bespoke display systems that suit your unique needs and precise requirements. Focusing on maximising aesthetic appeal and functionality, we build custom optical display systems that maximise your retail space and enhance the interior design of your space. Offering complete solutions, we can help define your brand, enhance the interior design as well as your sales. Using a wide-variety of high-quality materials, we give your optical shop a modern, contemporary look that leads to success. Maximise your optical shops’ performance and build a strong brand presence with our help.

Looking for custom-made opticians furniture or optical store display systems? Contact our team to discuss your options and get in touch with our design team for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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