As Specialist Pharmacy shopfitters we ensure the dispensary is designed with you in mind, to put you in the heart of the pharmacy. We consider your unique requirements in terms of script levels, stock, storage requirements and separate work areas.

Effective pharmacy dispensary layout and design can deliver products, services, processes and environments that are intuitive, simple to understand, simple to use, convenient and comfortable, and consequently less likely to lead to errors.

Dispensary design is a very effective method of improving the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of the dispensary area. We consider the stages in dispensing a prescription, enhanced services (MUR) and supervised consumption areas.

We consider all legislation and technical requirements that need to be adhered to.

The dispensary becomes a multifunctional space, professionally planned to meet with your needs, welcoming you in a pleasant and functional environment, where you can find your place and feel connected.

With dispensary solutions we have created a complete range of furnishings, complements, working equipment and an innovative system of planning, service and setup.

Redesigning your workflow can have such positive effects on your dispensing operations that more time is made available for patient consultation and MUR’s. Our Dispensary design includes the items mentioned below as part of the dispensary flow.

1. Receipt of Prescription
2. Creation of label
3. Medicines assembly
4. Accuracy check
5. Finished prescriptions
6. Medicines collection
7. Patient counselling

Pharmacy drawer system.

The most important requirement for a modern pharmacy is to concentrate the largest amount of medicines in the least space as close as possible to the work-station. This allows the customer to be to be served efficiently and not be left alone for long.

For further information and details of the Pharmacy drawer system that we can provide you can download pdf from the link below or alternatively you can call or email for further information.

Robotic Dispensing System

We also have partners who can install Robotic Dispensing systems
For further information please call or email , we will be happy to discuss options .


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