The Centrepiece of the pharmacy, a focal point which creates interaction and dialogue between the pharmacist and customers.

The point of sale and an area that is dedicated to customer service. As pharmacy shopfitters we understand the design and specification will reflect the many functions and individual needs of the pharmacy, our pharmacy counters are however built with a few things as standard:~

Strength – The use of quality commercial grade materials characterised its robustness, exceptional resistance to wear and tear, ensuring longevity and continual use throughout its life cycle.

Functionality – The counter is designed not only as a place to put things down or as a showcase, but as a real centre of relationship with the customers. The counter is designed to incorporate a large range of accessories and is configured according to your needs, functionality and practicality. Our pharmacy shopfitters will often customised further on site to suit customer requirements.

Aesthetics – Beautiful and functional. The aesthetics need to be simple and customer friendly, using quality materials, surfaces that are chosen with great care to create a pleasant visual and sensorial experience.

Convenience – Many solutions and materials can be chosen for the customisation of pharmacy counter. The specification of innovative materials will reduce the need for maintenance and will future proof for much longer than normal. The introduction of LED technology, robust display solutions, service and assistance points.

All Pharmacy counters are bespoke and are designed according to clients needs , we produce 3-D views and sample boards to ensure every details and finish has been approved before manufacturing.


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